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Professional and Business English

Our professional and business English courses are aimed at in-service professionals who would like to improve their language skills for their day-to-day role, an upcoming event or future role.

Our courses are really specific to your needs and we work together with you to identify your professional language needs so that you can perform as well in English as you do in your native language. We are not experts in your field and we don’t pretend to be but we are experts in English and we can identify the specific skills needed for you to express your expertise in an international environment and give you the language skills so that you can deliver.

We begin the course with finding out about you, your job and your company. We discuss how you use English at work at the moment and what changes you expect for the future, your goals and your ambitions. We assess your current language level, both spoken and written and we use all of this knowledge to then start building your personalised course.

While studying English with us, if your needs or goals change, so will the course. Our planning is adaptive, which means we offer truly customised courses.

Our courses aim to:

  • Give you the language skills you need to perform well in business areas. These could include:
    • presentations
    • business discussions
    • conferences
    • meetings and negotiations
    • technical descriptions and explanations
  • Help you communicate more fluently and effectively with overseas clients and colleagues.
  • Develop your pronunciation so that you speak clearly and accurately and can be easily understood.
  • Build your confidence so that you can use your English skills even in difficult situations.
  • Help you achieve your goals in English with added value as quickly as possible.

As a professional, you want to be both accurate and fluent. However, accuracy in English takes time and practice and often, fluency is much higher on the list of priorities. Therefore, constant interruption and correction can be counterproductive.

At World English, we believe that making a note of your errors during communication and dealing with them at a later stage in the lesson is much more effective. There can be valuable teaching points in this feedback and so it shouldn’t be rushed. Immediate error correction is only really appropriate when focusing on a particular language structure, not when communication is the focus.

Receiving language feedback our way helps you develop a sensitivity to your own personal mistakes, leading you to self correct, which is a much more useful skill in the wider communication of English, without having a negative impact on fluency.

Together we can achieve your goals in the fastest time possible.

Cambridge English: Business Certificates

We also offer preparation courses designed to develop your English within the context of business with a focus on achieving the following qualifications:

Cambridge English:
Business Preliminary
(BEC Preliminary)
CEFR Level B1
This qualification demonstrates:
  • you have a level of English for practical everyday use in an international business environment.
Cambridge English:
Business Vantage
(BEC Vantage)
CEFR Level B2
This qualification demonstrates:
  • you have the level of English required for study and work settings.
Cambridge English:
Business Higher
(BEC Higher)
CEFR Level C1
This qualification demonstrates:
  • you have the level of English required for demanding study and work settings.

I'd like to thank you the motivation you give me everyday. I am impressed with your method, in my opinion Is amazing

English levels and qualifications chart

For more information on Professional and Business English at World English, please book a trial lesson or contact us.