We specialise in one-to-one lessons through live video and collaboration in the cloud. A 60 minute live lesson costs £26. In addition to this, we will provide you with tailor made supplementary material to work on independently to further consolidate the lesson content and take you closer to your goals.

We design our courses once we have established your needs, your goals and your current competencies in English. This allows us to create realistic objectives for your lessons, which will lead us towards achieving your overall aim. Everything is designed on an individual basis.

If you have friends or colleagues with a similar level and needs, we are happy to discuss organising group classes or programme. Please contact us outlining your requirements.

Motivating lessons are essential to be a successful learner. We are confident that you will enjoy learning with World English and keep coming back.

Our courses include:

General and Examination English

Advance your abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing, while improving your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, all at a pace you are comfortable with.

Gain recognition for your achievement by taking a globally recognised examination. Receive expert tuition and guidance in University of Cambridge examinations such as FCE and CAE.

Professional and Business English

You are the expert in your field and no one knows it better than you. However, we can help you communicate your knowledge globally by enhancing your English for presentations, meetings and negotiations, giving technical descriptions, describing trends and developments and so on.

Whatever your needs, we can provide the English you need to express your expertise.

Academic English

Perhaps you are considering studying at an English speaking university or emigrating to an English speaking country and need to achieve a high grade in IELTS.

While IELTS is the standard examination to gain entry to university, it doesn't provide you with all of the skills necessary for academic study.

Areas include: Report and essay writing (referencing, abstracts, literature reviews, cohesion, organisation, effective paragraphing), Speaking (academic presentations and seminar discussions), Listening to lectures and effective note taking, Reading, and language style.

Conversational English and Pronunciation

Your accent is part of your identity but if it makes you difficult to understand, communication breaks down and ceases to be effective.

Pronunciation and accent neutralisation sessions do not aim to make you sound "English" (though we can if your prefer), instead the aim is for your speech to be clear and easy to follow, making your communication 100% effective.

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