A language, is a tool for communication, so it makes sense that the best way to improve your English, is to communicate. Research tells us that the average person communicates in the following way: 40% of the time through listening, 35% of the time through speaking, 16% through reading and 9% through writing. These percentages do vary depending on individual factors such as profession or lifestyle.

As a learner of English, you should develop all four of these skills. It is also important not to forget the micro skills such as vocabulary, spelling, grammar and pronunciation.

Practice English skills, set achievable goals, turn mistakes into learning points, understand your learning preferences and regularly review new material to learn English effectively. But most importantly, have fun while you learn.

How to learn English effectively



The key to language is communication. Using your new language knowledge helps you to become confident and more fluent. World English gives you the chance to use English in relevant and realistic contexts with native speakers.


Set goals

Working to achievable goals means that you identify with the language need, motivating you to learn. When you achieve the goal, you have the feeling of success which motivates you further.


Make mistakes

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. One of the best ways we learn is from our mistakes. Our way of error correction helps you build a sensitivity to your own personal mistakes, leading you to self correct, without having a negative impact on fluency.

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Know yourself

There are more than 7 billion people living in the world today and each person is individual and this is especially true about the way that we learn. Identifying and complementing your learning preference will help you progress more quickly.



70% of what we learn is forgotten if we do not review it within 24 hours. World English's cloud based access means you can review your learning while on the train, while having a coffee break, anywhere and anytime.


Enjoy learning

Learning English should be taken seriously but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be enjoyable. Research shows that there is a strong link between emotion and memory. So, learning in a relaxed and enjoyable way, helps learning last.