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Choose the way that suits you best. Organise lessons one-by-one, or reserve a regular time. Our flexibility makes it easier to fit English into your schedule.



In the office, from home or while away on business, enjoy the convenience of online learning with us without the added overhead of taking extra time and effort for travelling and parking.



Our native speaker teachers are fully qualified and experienced with expert knowledge of the English language, teaching and learning theory and are certified as assessors by the University of Cambridge.

face to face

One to One

Our standard lessons are one-to-one so the focus for the whole session is on you, your needs and your goals. We work at your pace in an atmosphere where you can be confident.



Online doesn't have to mean impersonal. We will work together to help you achieve your goals whether they are personal, professional, academic or just for fun.


Accessible 24/7

Review and practice using our learning material, specifically designed to cater for your needs and help you achieve your goals. The material is stored in the cloud - meaning you can access it from everywhere, while on the go, at any time.


Value for money

Our lessons are cost effective. There is no hidden cost for course materials, no parking or fuel costs. Most importantly - you'll see results fast. A 60 minute lesson with additional support costs £26.


Measurable results

We offer a free diagnostic test to all of our learners. Our test gives a good indication of your current level and tell us about areas of English which cause you problems so that we target them in your lessons.

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