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Conversational English

Our conversational English courses are aimed at learners wishing to improve their language skills for a more social setting. For example, Maybe you enjoy travelling and would like to communicate with other travellers and share stories, or maybe you work for a global company and while your use of English for work is fine, you struggle to communicate in a social context, lacking the vocabulary needed to talk about current issues, telling jokes or other social situations.

Conversational English is quite different from, let's say, written English as it is an immediate and dynamic communicative interaction between two or more people, which requires particular phrases, shared knowledge and structure in order to maintain the flow.

Areas of a conversational English course could include:

  • how to backchannel in a natural way;
  • building sentences in a natural spoken way;
  • using context in conversation;
  • using the tenses to make what you're saying more engaging and lively;
  • using markers to show the speaker how to interpret what you are saying;
  • hedging, to soften the impact of what you are saying;
  • the vocabulary and register most frequently used in spoken social English;
  • useful vocabulary for topics of interest.

We will also look at standard functional phrases which frequently occur in particular settings.

As with all of our courses, Conversational English lessons are based on your needs and delivered in contexts which are relevant to you. Through our face-to-face video lessons, you get to practice the language you learn.


First impressions count and without a doubt, the first thing people will notice when you are speaking English is your pronunciation. It is not important to sound English but it is important that your spoken English is clear, easy to follow and understand.

Pronunciation lessons focus on correcting your personal weaknesses and making your communication 100% effective.

Areas we work on include:

Individual Sounds

learn, practise and perfect the sounds of English that you find difficult

Word Stress

avoid confusion by getting it right

Sentence Rhythm and Stress

highlight key information and make your speech easier to follow


say it with impact: the way you say something is more powerful than what you say

We go beyond listen and repeat. Our targeted lessons are interesting, active and fun.


An excellent teacher, and she teached me an very interesting method to practice English speaking. Thank you very much.

For more information on Conversational English and Pronunciation at World English, please book a trial lesson or contact us.